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Personal assistant INFORMATION

Information for Disabled Guests

Information for Disabled Guests:

Disabled guests are welcome at all our events, we take all reasonable measures to assist with their attendance and enjoyment. The event takes place in the open countryside on uneven ground and disabled guests should be aware that the main arena, car park and surrounding areas are farm fields and maybe tricky to navigate. Disabled parking is close to the festival main entrance and disabled toilets are provided at all our events


Disabled toilets are provided on site.

We would like to make our events accessible to everyone. We offer disabled ticket holders, subject to availability, a free ticket for a personal assistant. Holders of a current higher rate DLA / PIP, or government approved evidence can apply. A free ticket can only be issued against a general admission ticket.



IMPORTANT: This offer is only available to those people that would be unable to attend the festival without a full time assistant. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis and if anyone is found to be making a fraudulent application, we reserve the right to cancel all tickets, before and during the event.



Please use the below form to apply for a personal assistant ticket:

– You must complete the form in full and upload all requested documentation

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